About Microgeographies:
Reacting to the states of abandonment of cities in Greece as a result of economic, social and personal crisis, and reflecting on the gradual reconstruction processes occurring in southern Europe, during the next two months, Microgeographies present a seriesof microexhibitions, actions, installations and performances in public and domestic spaces with the collaboration of artists, architects, political scientists, writers, local communities and independent art spaces. Curated by Hariklia Hari

About World Wide Storefront:
World Wide Storefront is a multi-locus project of ten alternative spaces around the globe and a digital platform (WWStorefront.org) designed by Pentagram.

The ten projects launch simultaneously on September 19, 2014 and include a series of programs, performances, activities and events at project sites. The projects, selected for their ability to produce alternative platforms within their local contexts, range from transoceanic traveling artist residency spaces, to urban interventions in foreclosed ancient structures, to the construction and inhabitation of residual spaces and structures in the city.

A commissioned installation, Situation NY, designed collaboratively by artist Jana Winderen and architect Marc Fornes reflects on the contemporary condition between the digital and the physical and opens in Storefront’s New York gallery at 97 Kenmare Street on October 3, 2014 at 7pm.

Situation NY, the collaboration of Winderen and Fornes, collapses sound, light and form in an object with intrinsic sensorial behaviors, inviting the visitors to question the properties of matter and the built environment surrounding us. The installation is a vibrating sound experiment that aims to transform the architecture into animated sensible form. Conceived as a sound object that absorbs and contrasts the site specificity of the Storefront Gallery with abstract spatial, formal and acoustic variations and compositions, Situation NY raises questions about context, sensorial readings, estrangement and the uncanny. The installation is on display through November 21, 2014 at the Storefront Gallery.

Contrasting with the site specificity and visceral immediacy of the Situation NY installation by Winderen and Fornes, an invisible layer of digital content accessed through smart phones and a digital portal bring the visitor into a series of intermediate spaces that connect audiences to the activities of the 10 worldwide locations.

For more information please visit:
and http://www.microgeographies.org/

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