Pireaus and Microlimano. “Reveries and Realities” research trip (day 2)

At the context of World Wide Storefront, Microgeographies presented “Reveries and Realities”: a unity of in situ installations, performances and routes, personal and collective, regarding the lived experience of deserted places, starting from the remains of the ancient Sacred Way and ending to the coast of West Attica-Chaidari and Piraeus. This research and experiential trip lasted two days. Here we are on day 2, at Piraeus harbour. Manolis Economou invited us to a tour at Pireaus Tower. Together with Sandra Teitge and Christina Green from Storefront Marketplace project, and other architects, artists and curators we started our tour from the ghost tower designed at the late ’60s during the era of the dictatorship, taking advantage of a law that permitted the construction of high buildings. Manolis Economou carried a tour based on the history of the building and gave us a lot of information on its infinite construction and on the discourse that is created among architects and the municipality of Pireaus. His narration led to an interesting discussion among the participants. We got interesting feedback from Christina Kral, Angela Jerardi, Eleni Tzirtzilaki and Rika Krithara. On our way to see another building of the same era, Kostas Foteinakis showed us a small detail, “lost” in a park nearby the Tower: a tree embraced by metallic ring, strange trace of an explosion of a ship during World War II. We crossed the Pireaus harbour area, took the train and moved to Mikrolimano, where Manolis Economou invited us to visit another pantom building from late 60’s. It is a cultural center designed by Liapis. Never finished and never used as well.
You can find a complete presentation in greek at http://www.greekarchitects.gr/gr/αρχιτεκτονικες-ματιες/οδοιπορικό-στο-παρ-ολίγον-πνευματικό-κέντρο-του-πειραιά-κληροδότημα-ζαχαρίου-μικρολίμανο-id3956
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