Pavement next to industrial ruins of Athens School of Fine Arts. “Relocation I : pic nic”

Relocation I: pic nic, a public, participatory action planned and organised by Evangelia Raftopoulou took place on that cloudy Wednesday afternoon on the sidewalk that is part of the route followed by the Itinerant Photography Lab. Raftopoulou cooked stuffed tomatoes (“gemista”, a traditional Greek dish) and invited friends and fellow students from the Athens School of Fine Art to bring some food and share a pic-nic lunch accompanied by wine and conversations on the pavement next to the industrial ruins of a former furniture factory. She also invited local workmen and passersby to join in. By transforming a place of passage, a public space into a place of rest, an intimate space and by dislocating-relocating human bodies she sought to expose the established spatial and temporal relations, and to redefine our experience of lived space; ultimately, to practice space*  (de Certeau).

Relocation I: pic nic was part of the Itinerant Photography Lab, an independent, experimental workshop designed and produced upon the invitation of Microgeographies/WWSf by Athens-based visual artist Angela Svoronou. The Lab focused on one of the most important buildings - part of the industrial Heritage of Greece: the disused textile factory of Sikiaridis Brothers on 256 Peiraios Str, now housing the Athens School of Fine Art. Copyright of images and text : Angela Svoronou and the Itinerant Photography L

For more information please check: Urban actions @ Industial ruins next to the Athens School of Fine Arts


*Pavement @ Polikratous str

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