Artificial Lake behind Athens School of Fine Arts. “Nowness”

Rafaella Constantinou organised a public intervention that focused on the most appealing, yet neglected and unfrequented part of the route: the pond or “construction site” as it is often referred to by the owner of the land - which is what it originally was before it was filled up with water. Constantinou sought to make an invisible place visible by dying the pond with a non-toxic, fluorescent colour. In the process she convinces the initially reluctant landowner (the Foundation of the Hellenic World, a cultural institution adjacent to the Athens School of Fine Art) to overcome their fears and give permission for the action to take place. Even more importantly, a security guard will be the first person to throw colour in the water, in a symbolic, albeit momentary exit from his role as a keeper of the order and the status quo.

Nowness was part of the Itinerant Photography Lab, an independent, experimental workshop designed and produced upon the invitation of Microgeographies/WWSf by Athens-based visual artist Angela Svoronou. The Lab focused on one of the most important buildings - part of the industrial Heritage of Greece: the disused textile factory of Sikiaridis Brothers on 256 Peiraios Str, now housing the Athens School of Fine Art. Copyright of images and text : Angela Svoronou and the Itinerant Photography Lab

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