Green Park. “Spontaneous Habitation”, “Symbiosis”

Microgeographies participated at the Activation of GREEN PARK on 19-29 June 2015 with two performances on Thursday 25 June 2015 in the following chronological order: Spontaneous habitation by Hariklia Hari and Symbiosis by Angelos Skourtis  (Symbiosis from Greek συμβίωσις “living together”)



(Reading extracts from the text of the program of the Activation of Green Park) “Today on the 19th of June, 2015 we are occupying Green Park cafe in the Pedion tou Areos, one the the two central parks of Athens. Almost 4 years after the occupation of the Empros theatre in 2011 we are activating with our own means a space deserted and left empty for years by the Greek state and propose a 10 day program of cultural and political intervention in the here and now of Athens. This activation refuses a particular temporal horizon and understands itself outside of the logics of ownership. The occupation is not defined by a particular ideology or interest but rather comes about as a result of the encounters born out the experiments and struggles of the last few years. Thus, we look to, rebuild modes of collectivity and solidarity and reclaim friendship for its political importance. We propose friendship as a model for organizational formations and autonomous instituting that exceeds neo-liberal calls to order.”

During the activation process the following sections outline the general themes of the program which include actions such as music, performance, art works, installations, narrations, thoughts, discussions, screenings, poetry, theater, dance and others: REPARK, HERE AND NOW (CRITICAL INTERVENTIONS), JOY AND POLITICS, UNWORTHY, EXCAVATIONS

Microgeographies performances were part of JOY AND POLITICS.What is the relationship between joy and politics? When does politics enable joy? And when does joy become a political act? This theme combines hybrid forms which grapple with and articulate on these relationships with a desire for politics and joy to emerge in spaces, places and times we wouldn’t expect! Utopian narratives, variety theater, satire, political performance, new approaches to social movements and materialities etc”

Spontaneous habitation: performance by Hariklia Hari (with the collaboration of Angelos Skourtis)

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Symbiosis: performance by Angelos Skourtis (with the collaboration of Hariklia Hari)

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