Open Case 303. An Accidental Guide to Urban Commoning @ White House Biennial: Exercises on Democracy


Microgeographies II: An Accidental Guide to Urban Commoning. Microgeographies is a work in progress on the transformations of specific socio-geographic environments. It focuses the action of local communities, as well as on some small-scale, minimal actions by social and artistic groups which assert a more poetic and political aspect of everyday life and function as a way of personalising resistance to the globalscape, to the further spread of areas abandoned to misuse, to the dominance of property speculation and the strategies of “refinement”: a small gesture, a trace, an in situ discussion or quick chat, the repetition of an everyday action (referring to work or a walk). This closer –“inner”– look through artistic, architectural and social practices contains a wish: to experience rather than to consume, to unite rather than to divide, to simplify rather than to analyze. Territorial situations such as the community resistance for the creation of the Landfill in Keratea, the incorporation of ancient ruins in the life of the neighbourhoud by the citizens of Mets, the opening of the Shooting Range in Kesariani initiated by the artist Angelos Skourtis and other microspots of commoning are presented by the architect Hariklia Hari in a dispersed territorial narration project through microexhinbitions, actions, installations and performances.The second chapter of the ongoing territorial project of Microgeographies is realised with the collaboration of artists, architects, political scientists, writers, local communities and entities and independent art schemes.

In particular, for the project “Exercises on Democracy” @ Open Case 303, we presented a selection of works of the artists: Rika Krithara, Caroline May, Dimitris Papachristos, Nikos Papadopoulos, Angelos Skourtis, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Kostas Tsolis, Vasilis Vasilakakis


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