Artemis Agrotera. “Rising”


“Rising”, is an interactive performance by artist Nikos Stathopoulos. It took place at the Courtyard of Artemis Agrotera Temple-Mets (at the side of Ardittou Street at the elevated part of the pavement that forms the courtyard of the temple of Artemis Agrotera). Rising is a work where the artist as well as the viewer experiences the urban environment suspended from a flexible metal cage. The viewer can participate in the process. The art work enables the viewer to find the height of the temple of Artemis Agrotera in classical times. From there the viewer will simultaneously have the ability to see inside the fenced site on one side and the important monuments of the neighboring region (Temple of Olympian Zeus, Acropolis view) on the other side.

12291287_1079981098700992_7055077101263900686_o 12248252_1079981288700973_4028656368363546764_o 12265904_1079981212034314_68414497672004682_o 12265738_1079981168700985_3175720387092047860_o 12304490_1079981198700982_2816551313314473508_oThe performance was produced at the context of Microgeographies participation at “World Wide Storefront”, a Storefront for Art and Architecture project. It is part of a unity of site-specific art works and public discussions, under the unity “Revification of Ancient Ruins”, regarding the possibility of incorporating deserted archaeological sites in the everyday city life, and starting from the remains of Artemis Agrotera Temple.

In collaboration with the Residents of Mets Initiative and ARDITTOS Association.

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