Office. “Beyond Walden (on Thoreau’s Cabin)”

10538645_884206688278435_5493783633164767648_nBeyond Walden (on Thoreau’s Cabin) is a site specific installation (video/sound installation, wooden cabin) by Rika Krithara. Based on Thoreau’s cabin, an installation about the safety of the shell.  Constructing collectively a deserted, sinking cabin inside an abandoned architectural office, habitation widens negating the protective shell of a clear, expected structure.
The potential of a fixed point of philosophical and poetic isolation transforms: the possibility of freedom is everywhere, in the infinity of the horizon. All possibilities are open – a vast space, this is “Walden”.

Office, Stenon Portas 8 str, Ilissia / Exhibition duration: 19 – 29/11, Mo-Sa, 5-9pm














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