Artemis Agrotera. “The Procession”

On the road head behind the temple of Artemis Agrotera was produced “The Procession”, an urban mural by Marianna Lyra. “The Procession” frames Kefalou str, one of the four streets that define the specific archaeological site, and captures two processions, the past and present that offer symbolic gifts to the future. The artist Marianna Lyra, who is also a resident of the area of Mets, tells us: “The specific archaeological site is a field of conflict since 1962 between the forces of integration and the forces of preservation of historical and archaeological memory”. The thought of the artist is “to create, with the participation of the inhabitants of Mets, a work of propitiation, a gesture of reconciliation of past and present along with a wish for peace and quiet reign after so many years of troubled spirits in this area, to be cured by wounds and be recognized as sacred and historical place of the Athenian citizens of the 21st century.”

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“Procession” is at the context of Microgeographies@World Wide Storefront, a Storefront for Art and Architecture project,  researching on the Revification of Ancient Ruins: a unity of site-specific art works and public discussions, regarding the possibility of incorporating deserted archaeological sites in the everyday city life, starting from the remains of Artemis Agrotera Temple. In collaboration with the Residents of Mets Initiative and ARDITTOS Association.

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