Sanctuary of Aphrodite (Skaramaga). Yiannis Theodoropoulos, “Raw fruits memorial”

The totem sculpture “Raw fruits memorial” is a metaphor, a relocation of the actual sculpture from Yiannis Theodoropoulos garden. It consists of raw fruits that the artist for personal reasons decided not to eat, and in deep sorrow, decided to devote them to the sculpture in the garden of his house in Pefki. Parallel to this process Hariklia Hari observed the rituals with fruits and flowers dedicated by contemporary unknown Followers of the 12 Greek Gods (1) to Godess Aphrodite in the remains of her sanctuary in Skaramaga. When accidentally Hari became an eye witness to the performative action of the artist, she asked him to relocate it into the other context of worshiping, in front of the Sanctuary of Aphrodote Skaramaga. “Raw fruits memorial” was a courtesy of the artist on the occasion of Reveries and Realities research trip for WWSf, a Storefront for Art and Architecture project.


(1) Αccording to mythology they ruled the Ancient World from Mount Olympus






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