House of the Caryatids. “Through the gaze of the Caryatids on 45 Asomaton Str”, by Angelos Skourtis with Ersi Krouska. In Collaboration with ItEM.

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At the context of International Museum Day 2017, Microgeographies in collaboration with the Institute of Hellenic Mills (ItEM) present the poetic performance “Through the gaze of the Caryatids on 45 Asomaton str” by Angelos Skourtis with Ersi Krouska. The Institute of Hellenic Mills currently resides at the “House of the Caryatids”, a 1880 neoclassical building widely known when painted by Yannis Tsarouchis in 1952 and photographed by H. Cartier-Bresson in 1953. These works are the reason for Angelos Skourtis, from the age of his youth, to walk around in the neighborhood of Thesseion to see it. The mythology of the house as well as the historiography of Athens from the late 19th century to date, is at the epicenter of the artist’s urban performance.

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The Institute of Hellenic Mills (Ι.τ.Ε.Μ.) is a non-profit organization established for the purposes of study, research, documentation, and protection of historical forms of mills, as well as related traditional systems of energy sources in the Greek territory. Its specific aims are: formation of archives within a Documentation Center; specialization of scientific and technical personnel; creation of a Museum of Molinological History in Greece and finally organizing regional and international meetings and exhibitions, as well as any other activities for the promotion of the “mill”.

“Through the gaze of the Caryatids on 45 Asomaton str” fb event


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