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Storefront for Art and Architecture announces the 10 selected projects that will be part of WorldWide Storefront (“WWSF”), a new initiative to provide a simultaneous, multi-locus of alternative spaces around the globe and a digital platform for the expression and exchange of latent desires within contemporary art and architecture practices.
A jury composed of Beatrice Galilee,  Joseph Grima,   Jimenez Lai and  Marina Otero has selected a group of ten proposals around the globe. From the study of different states of abandonment in Athens to the discussion around urban growth in Santo Domingo, from the occupation of a public residual space in the city of Los Angeles to a traveling production space aboard a commercial container carrier, from individuals to collectives across the globe, the ten projects constitute a group of curatorial visions that articulate alternative positions within their particular context.
From September 19 to November 21, 2014, all selected entries throughout the world will simultaneously open and have a two-month program of exhibitions and events. All events will be recorded and broadcast through the WorldWide Storefront online platform and presented at the Storefront for Art and Architecture Gallery embedded in the installation WWSf Portal, a collaborative design by Marc Fornes and Jana Winderen.

WORLDWIDE STOREFRONT SELECTED ENTRIES ——————————————————————  Container Art Residency / itinerant Maayan Strauss An artist residency that will invite artists to travel on board commercial freight ships to worldwide destinations along various shipping routes, addressing questions of isolation and transportation as a way of redefining the contemporary artist studio.   Gallery Attachment / Los Angeles, USA Andrew Kovacs, Laurel Consuelo Broughton A space designed and constructed by the authors under a bridge in Los Angeles will serve simultaneously as an architectural object and as a container for a series of events, exhibitions and performances.  Host: Natural Histories / Los Angeles, USA Mimi Zeiger Located at The Neutra VDL Research Site in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles, the project explores the multivalent meaning of the word “host”: a talk-show host, a parasitic host body, and host house or city, via an exhibition and series of events.  Microgeographies / Athens, Greece Hariklia Hari  Reacting to the states of abandonment of cities in Greece as a result of personal and social crisis, and reflecting on the gradual reconstruction processes occurring in southern Europe, Microgeographies will present a series micro-exhibitions, actions, installations and performances in public and domestic spaces. Next Station / Tel Aviv, Israel Onya Collective [Avigail Roubini, Gil Cohen, Robert Ungar, Neta Steingart, Adam Kalderon] A series of small interventions in and around the Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station in Neve Shaanan exploring different ways of embedding agriculture and natural ecologies in urban environments.  The Portal / Toronto, Canada Megan Torza The Portal  will  activate Toronto’s under recognized ravine landscape through a series of interventions and discussions occupying the entrance of an architecture studio. Hmong Town Marketplace / St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Sandra Teitge  Renting a stall in the Hmong Town Marketplace in St. Paul, Minneapolis—used by a minority community predominantly from Laos—the project opens up this almost hermetic cosmos via a series of films and TV screenings, a local radio, a public library, and a lunch series led by a group of artists in collaboration with the Hmong community.  The Spectacle Syndicate / itinerant Circus for Construction [Ann Lui, Ashley Mendelsohn, Larisa Ovalles, Craig Reschke, Benjamin Widger] Located on the back of a custom-built truck trailer, the Spectacle Syndicate will stop in five cities over the course of two months (Ithaca, Providence, Provincetown, Portland, Buffalo, and Boston) hosting forums, exhibitions and workshops coordinated with local experts.
A to B – Crossing the railway  / Montreal, Canada Vincent Lalonde-Dupuy, Pierre Horo-Lin, Xavier Coulombe-Hurray, Camille Angibaud A cartographic urban project along the Canadian Pacific’s Railway, made by citizens and users crossing legally and illegally the railway, will map and discuss the urban landscape and biodiversity of the site. Tropical Ghosts / Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Monica de Moya, Engel Leonardo A series of site-specific urban interventions and meetings in Polígono Central, Santo Domingo will explore issues of growth, identity and systems of sharing in the tropical communities.

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