Loft. A celebration

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Angela Svoronou: “About the celebration at the Loft”

The invigilator of the exhibition was unable to fulfil his duties. So I took the responsibility to invigilate the exhibition for a day; it seemed rather natural, since I was one of the exhibitors. Thus it was arranged: on Saturday, November 9th, I would open the exhibition, stay there for a few hours and close it at closing time.
But I m a lonely person who hates loneliness. The only time in my life I decided to go on holiday alone, I didn’t even stay on my own for 24 hours. I managed to find some people that I knew and spent my holidays with them, in a different town than the one I had planned to stay.
On Saturday, November 9th, instead of coming to terms with the idea of being alone at the exhibition waiting for the odd visitor, I decided to celebrate my nameday at the Loft. It was an excuse to invite good friends, artists friends, musician friends, old friends and new friends in an spontaneous, makeshift feast full of good spirit, sunshine and a delicious halva made by Angelos Skourtis reigning like a modernist sculpture on the table made of bed boards.
This is the beauty of the Loft. It contains nothing, but receives anything and everyone. Then it comes up with chairs, food, wine, fun and art

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