Arch_06 Lab + Void, 1rst Floor. “Urban stories from the center of Athens”


 Psyrri: Arch_06 Lab, 5-7 Riga Palamidou str/ Void@1rst floor, 9 Katsikogianni str (opposite to Ebros Theater)

 Thursday 2/10, 4–10pm

‪#‎WWSf‬ On September 26, we performed a small voyage from the “private” to the “public”; from the Office (an abandoned private space) to its neighborhood (an abandoned building next to the office) and to the city (Courtyard of Artemis Agrotera Temple, Mets). All sites were reactivated by artistic and environmental design practices.

On Thursday October 2, we invite you to join us at the second part of Microgeographies narrative “Urban Stories from the Center of Athens”.

Microgeographies narrative unfolds in two sites, almost door-to-door, at a neighborhood’s corner, in Psyrri area at the center of Athens; an area and a community that undergoes gentrification. With the collaboration of architects, residents, architectural and artistic groups that continually work on public space.

• Arch_06 Lab, 4-7pm. (A)
Presentation of the site specific installation ARCH_06, 5-7 Riga Palamidou str by Katerina Zafeiropoulou
Discussion that will reflect on the potential reuse and reactivation of abandoned buildings in the center of Athens, addressing questions of tourism, gentrification, “right to the city” and other community based movements for the reconstruction of the city. The discussion will be based on the presentation of projects presented by Sofia Dona / Errands, Hariklia Hari / NonPlan, Vicky Panagiotopoulou / Arch_06 Lab, Maria Peteinaki / ATA, Eleni Tzirtzilaki / Nomadic Architecture Network.

• Void@1rst floor, 9 Katsikogianni str, 7-10pm. (K)
Action-Installation of the work in progress “The Neighborhood, The Inhabitants and their Stories” by Nomadic Architecture Network (
Special presentation of the documentary “And the Hearts come from China”. The documentary is based on the local craftsmen and their stories. By Maria Damkalidi and Eleni Tzirtzilaki.


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