Office. “Transperancies and the Sacred” (Exhibition no2)

The narrative of the Office “Transperancies and the Sacred” is centered around the site specific installations by the artists Christos Kotsoulas (Capten), Katerina Zafeiropoulou and Metoo (Aliki Kakoulidou, Dimitra Vasilakou) and a performance by Angelos Skourtis. Curated by Hariklia Hari

10708376_786114521452231_634009145_nCapten created a cage-mousetrap. Within it the artist incorporated an old furniture deriving from the previous use of the deserted Office. Capten transformed the object into an everydaylife “sacred” object. Microgeohgraphies centered the narrative of the Office aroung that trap.





















Katerina Zafeiropoulou intermingles the view of the window with the actual space, creating an inner perspective. The leaves of the forest are reflected and drawn on the window.   As the artist notes I try to see the “it” out. Only a transparent boundary separating us. So many different, but everything happens. I imagine that if I draw patiently I will be able to understand. Probably now “image” and “truth” are more confused. The landscape invaded into the room.” (more)






“Using a detail from a traditional costume of the Sarakatsanoi (greek nomads that used to live in Greece in the 19th century)”, Metoo created a special sign that was applied on the street in front of the deserted office. It was dedicated “to the owner of the office, as a wish for a future full of action and interraction.”

The street drawings are inspired from “the narrow streets of Amorgos island” where Metoo “observed many different signs-motifes drawn on the street, and discovered that the young villagers draw and dedicate them to the owner of each house of the village for good luck.” (more)





img_8129 img_8128 img_8121


Performance of Angelos Skourtis, Sacred Bodies

img_8108 img_8111 img_8112

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