In our previous chapter MicrogeographiesII. An Accidental Guide to Urban Commoning we have been exploring the notion and practice of Commoning in Keratea at the following locations:

The cultural space of the Association of Intellectual and Cultural Activity of Keratea “Xrisi Tomi”, Keratea Central Square: It hosts a permenant exhibition that is consisted of archival material from the resistance of the residents of Keratea against the landfill the last 17 years, archival material from Keratea Art Resistance Festival held between 8-10 April 2011 and art works of the artists Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Konstantinos Kontis, Yiannis Trouboukis and Tassos Xatzis.


Microgeographies II created a micro-exhibition using all the existing material and re-interpeting the space. Among the permenant collection M.II added the work of the photographers Dimitris Gizinos and Angela Svoronou. Additionally, hosted an open discussion on creating Commons: Eleni Tzirtzilaki presented similar paradigms of environmental community strategy, …

The traditional house of Eleni Zaroliangi, 5 Kyprou str: The characteristical Mesogeian residence of Mrs Zaroliangi contains a collection of artworks by Yiorgos Angelis, Maro Birtzili, Najia Frangouli, Thymios Panourgias and artworks of students of the Athens School of Fine Arts that participated at Keratea Art Resistance Festival.

IMG_0426 IMG_0459

Microgeographies II interacted with the site, creating a micro installation within the site with photographs, drawings and sculptures from Vangelis Gokas, Dimitris Gizinos, Kostas Tsolis and Vasilis Vasilakakis.


The “Impregnable Castle” of Keratea’s road block at the 45º klm of Athinon-Lavriou ave (traffic light BIOPA): it was built during the months of the resistence. It served as a meeting point of the community. It was burned by the pollice forces and rebuilt.

IMG_0502 IMG_2136

Here are photos from our visit on January 11, 2013, at the wooden prefabricated meeting point of the residents where artworks produced at Keratea Art resistance Fesival and characteristic posters of the fight form a temporary micro-installation. The micro-exhibition was curated by the arts&crafts teacher of Kerateas’ highschool.

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