Estia Bookshop

Nikos Anastasopoulos sent us this photo of Estia Bookshop, all books dispersed on the floor. I understund that he felt emotionally when taking it, carried away by the abandonment and deconstruction of the site. His photo was taken through a convex light.


I recall a fragment from the poem “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror” by John Ashbery:                              “Of arrival. The soul establishes itself.                                                                                                            But how far can it swim through the eyes                                                                                                     And still return safely to its nest? The surface                                                                                                Of the mirror being convex, the distance increases                                                                                        Significally; that is, enough to make the point                                                                                                That the soul is a captive, treated humanely, kept                                                                                           In suspention, unable to advance much farther                                                                                         Than your look as it intercepts the picture.”

And then he again sent us another photo, of X.. swimming in the books,..

“So the room contains this flow like an hourglass                                                                                         Without varying in climate or quality                                                                                                              (Except perhaps to brighten bleakly and almost                                                                                             Invisibly, in a focus sharpening toward death-more                                                                                        Of this later). What should be the vacuum of a dream                                                                             Βecomes continually replete as the source of dreams”


Οn October 31, at 21:00, Angelos Skourtis realised a poetic performance entitled “Often Les Demoiselles d’Avignon saw La Traviata“.

_SVO5450 _SVO5437 Photos by Angela Svoronou

Nikos Anastasopoulos, referring to the performance of Angelos Skourtis, says: “The historic Hestia bookstore isn’t open any longer. The space which used to be occupied by books on Solonos street feels deconstructed already. In this very space Angelos Skourtis  ‘choreographes’ a unique and poetic performative experience. The presence of everyone invited requires a participation in this choreography. Books are lying on the floor as islands and we are called upon to move through them, being aware of our motions”. 

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